Jen Braun and Amy Tripke are not accepting or selling gift certificates to NEW clients at this time.  As it is a great feeling to have such wonderful dedicated clients, and would love to help more people with their wellness journey, we apologize as our hands can only massage so many hours a week.


Instant Booking 

available 24/7

You will be launched into a separate portal site.  With online booking, you can:

- Pick your favorite therapist 

- Select the service you would like

- Instantly book your appointment

Mon: 2-6   Tue: 1-7  
Wed: 10-2
(not accepting new clients at this time) 

Tue: 3-7  Wed: 3-7
Fri: 9:30-2 
(not accepting new clients at this time)

Tue: 11-8  Wed: 11-6 
Thur: 10-4  Sat: 9-2

Tue: 4-8  Wed: 4-8  Thur: 4-8
Fri: 11-5  Sat: 8:30-1:30

Please be sure to book with the
therapist listed on your gift certificate.

If it doesn't have a therapist listed,
if you find you can not
book with your gift certificate,
please email us for assistance.