We have some exciting 

news to share!! 

We will be teaming up with

The Hotel Retlaw in downtown Fond du Lac 

come this December!

You can still book with us through Nov. 14th at 

The Spa at Peebles Plaza 

Stay tuned for grand opening specials and when you are able to book services (massage, facials, nails, lash extensions, hair, microdermabrasions, lash tinting, and more) with us.

Check out the link to see all the exciting things Hotel Retlaw will offer

(note: prices at the Hotel Retlaw will be comparable to ours)


Brow Treatments

& Henna Brow

Many of these same exciting services will be offered at our new location, The Spa at Retlaw

Until then, you can book with Brandee through her website 

She is located at:

74 S. Main St. Suite 101

Far Infrared Sauna

* Detoxification
* Relaxation
* Pain Relief
* Weight Loss
* Improved Circulation
* Skin Purification

Read more about our sauna on the Massage Page
Cedarwood Massage

Cedarwood has a grounding, earthy aroma that evokes feelings of wellness and vitality, along with its amazing benefits for your skin.   A combination of dry brushing and massage infused with cedarwood oil helps relax and soothe the mind and body.  

Candles now available

Authentic, clean burning, all soy candles, from the first time you light your candle to the very end you will have a fragrance that fills your home. If you love strong scented candles, these are for you.

Purchase through Jen

Please understand we are by appointment only